Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant

Personal Care
299 Main St, Suite 1300
Salt Lake City, UT
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Lume prevents external body odor from happening in the first place ...


Created by Dr. Shannon Klingman, MD, OB-GYN

Lume is made from naturally-derived ingredients and is also aluminum-free, baking soda-free, and cruelty-free, so you can feel confident using it on even your most sensitive skin. And, it’s clinically-proven to control odor—anywhere on the body—for 72 hours.

Just about everyone who tries Lume, loves it. Even Barrie Drewitt, the leading “Odor Guru” of Princeton Consumer Research. Barrie has been smelling armpits for over 20 years, and Lume took him by surprise. You have to try it for yourself—you’ll be surprised too and it won’t be long before you’re carelessly skipping showers every now and again.

What started years ago as a quest to find an effective solution for “feminine” odor has become an opportunity to give women and men everywhere the confidence to live their very best lives—free from body odor and self-doubt!

Lume is available as deodorant, body wash, soap, and for your laundry!


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