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Index Clinic

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United States
Miami, FL
Index Clinic is the root-cause focused telemedicine clinic of the future.


Our functional medicine doctor approach aims to cure your illness by identifying and fixing the underlying cause(s) rather than just masking the symptoms. However, we go much farther with our functional medicine. One of the key tenets of functional medicine is that by identifying and treating the underlying causes of disease, patients may recover from or avoid future illnesses. Achieving optimal health is the ultimate objective of our functional medicine practice. Our functional medicine practitioner formulates a holistic picture of the individual through an in-depth examination of the patient's medical history and genetic, biochemical, behavioural, and physiological aspects. Plus, the same information may be utilised to monitor the efficacy of a treatment plan. Because it considers the whole person, our functional nutritionist is inherently multi-disciplinary, meaning that we attack the root cause of the problem from many different angles.


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